The Sparkle Effect of Christmas

25th of December is always a different kind of day, no matter the day of the week it falls into. The feelings, the aura, the glitz just can’t be ignored, it is simply fascinating. The day comes with extraordinary Grace because it is no ordinary day- it is Christmas day, the celebrated day for Christ birth. The significance and the essence of this great day can not be overemphasized.

Christmas season is unarguably the most interesting, inspiring and most celebrated season ever. No one can deny the sparkle, the warmth and the beauty that comes with this season. The season has a spirit of its own- the Spirit of Christmas, the Spirit of love and joy, the Spirit that can’t be quenched or suppressed, the endearing and enduring spirit of Christmas. So, what exactly makes Christmas spirit tick, what makes it so Spectacular, so Special and so different?

The answer is Simple. Christmas is made possible by the Light of the World- Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, He who Brightens and Lightens our world. Light is an energy that illuminate, attracts and brightens everywhere it goes. Light carries momentum that can move an object through its forces. No wonder the Spirit of Christmas is Alive and it ignites carrying and sharing the force of happiness, radiance and joy as it goes on. That is the sparkle effect of Christmas.

You just can’t ignore the radiance of every sparkle that comes with this season. The same way light radiates and sends rays and waves of illumination where ever it goes, the same way the season sends positivity and love to all. Christ our savior, the source of our light, shines through us expecting us to lighten, brighten and enliven our world as well. He lives through us so we can in turn send the wave of love and the rays of hope to all, affecting and effecting everyone with our sparkle. This is the reason for our celebration, a mandate to reach and inspire our world in and out of the yuletide season.

So, let that light emerge, give it the boldness to shine through all season so that others can Go with your Glow.

Merry Christmas and best of all seasons….Cheers…

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