Though #ENDSARS ended SAD we ought not to remain SOUR.

The Angst is on, the anger is boiling over and tempers are high with the #EndSARs protest-a protest that started as a peaceful one but was hijacked, diverted and has ended with national outcry and damage to private and public properties. How do we get over these carnage and wanton destruction that has left so many people devastated, such needless death too.

Indeed, it has been a tumultuous journey, the long tortuous haul that started with the pandemic and transiting into this pandemonium. It is heartbreaking, it is heart rendering and difficult to comprehend but we cannot remain downcast and forlorn forever. We will get up, forget the ruin and get onboard to rebuild.

The Morning after the rumbling and burning leaves us all sober, the attitude hereafter is what matters. The Mood and Mode we bring on board this mission can become the defining moment for us all. The Mood we need now is that of hope and the Mode is to rebuild the Nation with focus and dexterity. Let us sooth our pains/scars and allow God turn the trauma to tranquil, our distraught to placidity and the uncertainty to deliberateness to rebuild.

So, who will rebuild? Who is strong enough to shun the distraction, forget the misnomer and abstain from name calling and bulk passing? I am, You are, We all are. Let us then start with the winning attitude that prevails, the determination and the positive posit that will stand us out. Instead of recounting faults we will count our gains and have our eyes on the big pictures, instead of stirring up negative emotions we will stir and stimulate positive change. We will remain enthusiastic and be ready with the mindset to change our narratives. We will take this chance, we will use this time to make the difference-the difference we need right now.

End-SARS protest may have ended Sad but remaining sour is not an option needed, rebuilding the nation and building a bridge to a better tomorrow is our game changer. The same gusto, the same enthusiasm shown in the past couple of days is the same fuel and energy that can be channeled for this. We will transcend and our trajectory will be from pain to the Nigeria of our dream.

So, let us re-build our Nation. There is no better time and no better chance than now to achieve this. Raise your banner and say no to distraction, no to disdain, no to despair and no to negative emotions. We need the focus, we will rebuild and we will win at it. Join us.

1 thought on “Though #ENDSARS ended SAD we ought not to remain SOUR.”

  1. You are right and have stated the exact. I woke up this morning with the thought on the goings-on that we know our narrative and we must hold unto it and should not let the detractors distort it with theirs.
    No matter how sad the endsars protest has been disrupted by the hijack, a strong statement has been made and even the detractors cannot ignore it because it is resonating everywhere even beyond our shores. That is a potential for further strategic build up in the future. At least we have something in place in spite of the irresponsibility displayed by the government!

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