Just like an Onion..

Howbeit an onion, that uniqueness of this veritable spice and the goodness it brings with it makes it worthy to write about. You can never miss them, not with the taste they bring to your cooking. They are your everyday vegetable that can’t be ignored, they are ubiquitous and commanding at the same time spicing things up in the culinary world. Though they give us those blurred vision and teary eyes when we cut through them, yet they remain our plug for a great meal. This vegetable is worthy of our mention today and this is why…

Onion are ubiquitous and found in every clime. They possess similar physical features- rotund and a protruding midsection, they however differ in genre and colors. It doesn’t matter if they are light brown, white skinned, small, medium or large, they all possess the same uniqueness and great qualities. Their midsection can best be described as a storehouse of the goodness, inherent benefits and freshness they carry within. Indeed the best of an onion is not at their face level, it is deposited within and shelved away from elements that can wither it.

Those peels in an onion are its protective covering that insulate its core from heats and other harsh weather conditions. These peels or dry layers take on the heat, absorb the dryness but protects the juice within. These peels are not needed for cooking, they are taken off because they have taken on those harshness whilst keeping the real deal fresh and good to eat.

An onion is naturally tender, sensitive to harsh weather and prone to quick dry. This explains why it dries up when cut up and left exposed, this also explains how their core hitherto fresh can dry up when exposed and unprotected. The best way to cut an onion is simply by taking off these protective peels until you get to the fresh skinned area that will unveil the next fresh area. It is safe to say that there are levels of freshness of an onion and every level is fresher than the previous, it simply gets better at the next level.

These facts can’t be ignored as it lays credence to the levels of greatness we have within and how we have on protective attitude/attribute that sheds and keep our core safe and sound inside, that keeps our gem safe from germs that can contaminate. The best of you is within protecting them from externalities that can affect us negatively is yours to do. Situation and circumstances helps unveil those treasure and one level of greatness unveil the next. The best of us is without limits but stretches to the next if we keep growing and not getting damped and dried off along the way.

Our uniqueness as human is not in doubt neither is our diverse personalities but these common features and attributes cuts across everyone. Life events that leave us teary is not meant to leave us deterred and disappointed but to enables us evolve and arrive at our next level and better version. We grow and welcome growth experience that gets us unveiling the fresher and better part of us and helping us get from one level to the next. Sometimes the best won’t show up until we have shed off the dry layers or activities that causes dryness in us. Just like an onion, our greatness within can be unveiled and it gets better at the next level.

Don’t we all have this gem well protected, secured and shielded away from elements that can damp, dry and wither them off. No matter how good and brilliant you are, the moment you allow your self to be affected by negative and coarse elements of life, dryness sets in and in no time, the best of you begins to dry up- God forbid! This is why you need to shield and protect your core and ensure nothing affects and dries it up. Rather look for what excites and stirs it up so that the best of you comes forth.

Just like an onion rotund with great benefits secured within and protected with leafy peels. So are we blessed with uniqueness and greatness that comes with layers of protectiveness that shields our core and leaves us tick. Just like an onion…..

Does this not speak to how there are genera of individual in the world but with the same feature of uniqueness deposited inside of us. Is itn;t amazing how the best of us is at our next level and how getting to that next level might come to us with struggles, pains, disappointment and even tears. is this not liken to how we cry when we are chopping at an onion to get at its freshness and uniquess. How about the skin of an onion that gets dried up when its interfaces with the elements of nature. Don’t we get sried up when the vicittitude of life come at us. So to move ahead, we need to peel off the rough edges and our outer layer so we can arrive at our core and release fresh ideas.

Self limiting and debasing belief may come to us when our expectations are not aligned with our reality. Leaving them there will debase us but peeling them off will allow you get to your next level which is where your winning streak lies. Interaction or attention to certain things in life can hamper having the fresher outlook and approach to life’s view, we need to lay off doubts and lay hold on things that makes us better day by day. Constant exposure to these limiting factor leaves us dried up. We are fresher at the next level.

Yes Tears may come as delve deeper and attain better version of our selves like we tear off the dried part of onion with teary eyes we are soon rewarded with fresh and smooth side that lies within. The best of you is within.

The Next level of you is newer, better and fresher, this is why we must all evolve and embrace growth

You are better at the next level and better as you get into your core level. The element of life can dry you up as it comes in contact with you. When you cut it off, you achieve more freshness

2 thoughts on “Just like an Onion..”

  1. This is absolutely and resonates so well with me. Thanks for this refreshing reminder of life processes and our unique journey to greatness in God!

    God bless you forever more!



  2. Amy Aimiomwanmon

    Amazing analogy, I’ve felt that as people we have several layers and you can’t just know a person by focusing on the exterior. The analogy of the onion is quite astute. Like the scriptures said, the purpose of a man are deep waters and a man of understanding draws them out

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