Authenticity and Empathy-the intelligence for the New Normal.

The Call is loud, it is a call for leaders and the need for Authentic and Empathic Leaders. A sincere outcall for more leaders to rise to the day’s challenge and bring their intelligence in authenticity and empathy to bear.

This call recognizes the value of Leaders and the character traits needed to build the walls and repair the ruins from the Covid-19 pandemic. We were all unschooled, unskilled and unprepared for an unprecedented pandemic thus the varied degree of our response to its impacts. One thing the season has however taught everyone is the need to reinvent, to evolve, to upskill, build resilience and relationships for and beyond the pandemic period.

The call also recognizes that growth and change are adaptable phase in life, this pandemic has put everyone in a ‘transitionary change phase’ so we all wait with keen interest for the New Normal though many are feeling the brunt and are left deflated, dejected in this wait phase. The Leaders high on the AE (Authenticity and Empathic) intelligence is the change agent we need to inspire the growth mindset in everyone including the deflated and the dejected ones, their leadership traits is fit for purpose in rebuilding the ruins and becoming the bridge to a better and safer world.

Authentic and Empathic leaders depicts traits that are ultimately about others, the intelligence these leaders posses stands them out to be in the fore front of galvanizing growth, of taking decisive steps and pragmatic action that is compelling enough for others to follow. The hunch for competitiveness rather than competition, the desire to stir up creativity and problem solving skills in others put these leaders in high demand making them the link to a future rebuilt from the ruin and safe to inhabit.

The call is on Authentic leaders because of their knack at developing honest and valid relationship that is built on ethical foundation with others. The journey of authenticity in an authentic leader starts with self in appreciating his weaknesses, embracing his growth process and validating his progress, this he easily replicate with others and to the situation at hand. The kind of relationship/connections across core competences/capabilities that the authentic leader can achieve is the collaboration needed to solve some of the challenges of this time. In my view, the inroad to a greater world for all starts with the coming together of many, united in solving a specific problem.

Empathic leaders is on this call because of their genuine concern and curiosity about people- the curiosity that can stir up creativity. The innate ability to empathize with people that they possess, is akin to the genuine concern and solution focus approach they bring into the mix. The listening skills of this leader is the leeway to understanding the needs of many and appreciating the gaps that yearn to be filled. Problem solving strategies starts with clear understanding of needs so that need-based-creative-solutions can be achieved. Empathy is the glue of concern that can connect the solution to present day challenge.

An Authentic and an Empathetic leaders are the plug-in for this season, they are the change agent for our reset mode. Their innate features are in high demand, their inbuilt skills can connect the dots between the problems and the solution. The need for charismatic leader that can galvanize the movement to the rebuilding model of the Next normal can not be over emphasized-the AE leader fit in as such. You can join this call.

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