I am Agitated Right Now and there is nothing right about me..

The above title depicts a degenerating feeling- a feeling that starts with despair then slides down until it gets to a distorted self image. Indeed, agitation can go south, sour and can erode self confidence.

Agitation is one of the negative energy that has smeared this season. The Covid 19 pandemic period has been so surreal and has left many stressed, less productive, infuriated and agitated. Many have responded and adjusted to the season in different ways with varying degree of accepting the times we are in and recognizing the signs that comes with it. Whilst we anticipate the return to normalcy, appreciating the transition mode we are presently in and navigating through same can help the process. Agitation is one of the lows that associates prolonged transit period. Today’s write up is how to wade off agitation. depression and their dire consequences.

Agitation is a state of anxiety, a distressed or a disquiet state of mind. It occurs when your mind is unsettled, confused, flustered and even disappointed. Uncertainty and fear of the unknown are great harbinger of agitation. Fear can dis stabilize and demobilize, agitation can also lead to desperation and to depression. Transition can leave a lull in some of our activities as it stops us from achieving our plans and set objectives. Deliberate attempt to remain focus, optimistic and sheer determination to win are strategies we need to adopt now.

Trials and trying times are also passing times. GOD-our Grand Organized Designer is the supreme God and in Charge of everything. He will take charge and can change anything and everything in a moment. Imagine for a minute, You in a flustered and a confused state gets the opportunity to meet with an influential leader who promises to help you out of the dilemma. I am sure his promise will change your disposition and your mood. Your fear will be dispelled and your anger replaced with joy and excitement- new emotion replacing the previous. This describes how an exchange of positive emotion displaces/replaces the negative one. That exchange is what we all need now, exchanging your despair with the promises of God and letting that Promise become the anchor of your soul. It is the wise thing to do Now.

So hang in there and stay aloof fear and any form of agitation.

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