Staying Motivated In-spite of…

How do you stay motivated in spite of uncertainties and disappointments in the world? How do you take your gaze off the upheaval that seem to persist and keep your eyes on the ball? How do you keep your bounce without glance at the vulnerabilities of our times? How does one maintain an up-beat winning attitude even with life’s different challenges. These are honest and valid questions that requires contemplation and sincere answers.

As I mused on these questions and the disruptive and depressive effects of Covid 19 pandemic period, I couldn’t help but recall one of the quotes of two great and respected writers- Zig Ziglar and Max Lucado. One of Zig Ziglar quote says “People often say Motivation does not last, well so does bathing,that is why we recommend it daily”. Max Lucado’s is a simple and succinct one. It says “Momentum leaks”. Well, I am going to bring my humble perspective to these quotes. I will humbly try to link them up and connect the two big M- Motivation and Momentum.

Motivation has been defined as a reason for acting or behaving in a particular way and Momentum is the quantity of Motion an object has. The definition of motivation tells us that our behavior or action is subject to some other factor(s) and quantity of motion (in momentum) connotes numbers. How does these quotes and these definitions affect or answer the myriad of questions above, you may ask. Indulge me for a minute and allow me start with the analogy of an iron.

An Iron is a metal object that can receive and emit heat. When it receives heat it becomes hot, when it remains in heat, it becomes red searing hot. The source of heat or energy here is the fire, continuous application of heat is what leaves the iron blazing hot. Without fire or any source of energy, the iron is still, cold and remain so. Also,taking the iron off the heat or extinguishing the heat leaves the iron hot for a while but eventually it will get cold. Corrosion which is an iron’s worst enemy can also commence when the iron is exposed to other elements other than heat that can erode it. Amazingly, the same object-iron can either become hot, red hot iron or corroded depending on the elements or source of energy it is exposed to.

Zig Ziglar quote is giving credence to staying hot, remaining strong and not getting submerged with other elements of life. It is affirming how to stay attuned to your source of heat/energy continuously so that you gather much energy to become red hot. So, consistent motivation is what eventually helps us gather momentum, this is what gets us going and makes us the moving force that is undeterred. If and when you break the cycle of staying motivated, your momentum will begin to leak. If you loose both M’s, you will become exposed to other element that can lead to corrosion (not our portion).

Consistency is the game changer between both mix. Consistency is the link between the two ends of Motivation and Momentum. Flip, flopping through motivation leaks our momentum. This season is the period for Consistent Motivation in-spite of other elements of life. It behooves on us to know our source of strength and energy, to know what motivates and inspires us and grow through it. This connection is our leeway to gaining and gathering momentum that endures. The word of God and His Promises through Jesus Christ is the sure great source that can keep us all energized and infused through the seasons of life.

So, this note is for you to stay the course by staying connected, staying motivated without breaking the cycle but gathering momentum. Becoming the moving force is a certainty we can achieve and not corrosion. The world needs that energy now,the world needs you too.


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