Boredom is your body pleading with you to do more..

Are you Bored? Have you ever been bored?

Of course, everyone gets bored now and then. Boredom is a state of mind and everyone has a mind. So, it happens to everyone. Boredom sets in when there is little or no enthusiasm in work done or when monotony sets in an activity which has been unmodified for so long. It can also occur when there are no activities that engages the mind or when connection to an activity is low.

The Brain loves activities and abhors lack of engagement, it loves connections and expand with new task. The brain actually get ignited when connection to an activity is geared up. The Brain and the Mind loves upbeat moment and the energy that comes from it. The mind always crave for excitement and fascinating way of life, it loves engagement and the positive energy we get from it. When the brain gets habituated with the norm, the excitement that comes with that activity begins to dwindle. This is why the norm always ends up boring and tiring and this is why we shouldn’t stay stalled for so long.

Boredom is that wake up call for more – to do more and achieve more. It is a call to action, an affirmation that there is more in you,more you can do and more you can bring to bear in life’s activities. It is that reminder that we are made for more. When your body yearns for something new, it is an earnest desire for growth. Boredom can stir up creativity if aligned properly. Boredom is creativity and innovation turn upside down. Creativity starts with curiosity and creativity has been adjudged the cure for boredom. Creative moment breeds fascination, positive energy, gusto and zest that shuns boredom.

So when next you yearn for something new, something other than the previous,when your mind seeks excitement and when it starts to abhor habituation mode, it is a call for some Invigorating energy. It is the yearn for some excitement that accompanies new task. It is just your body saying “we can’t stop with the norm, lets grow some more,there is more you can do with yourself and your time”. Bring it on, use me productively, it is pleading.

Life is fun when you spice it up and stir up creative moment. Life becomes interesting when you bring new ideas to bear and embrace new excitement. Excitement generally spark up your mood. It is time to become fascinated with life and living. Let’s begin by breaking the boredom cycle. Let’s start by doing something new. Let us bring new energy, new zest aboard, let us bring new fascination and interest to bear.

Your body and your mind has placed this productive demand on you. Will you oblige?

4 thoughts on “Boredom is your body pleading with you to do more..”

  1. Wow!
    Highly expository and very true!
    Every information here is highly needed especially by teachers in schools and we as parent when we notice some lagging behind in our children’s academics.
    Even in our company’s and organisations,we need to be more inventive!
    Thank you so much for speaking 😊!

  2. Amy Aimiomwanmon

    Yes I will oblige, starting this week to try something new. Thanks Maureen for another invigorating topic. Don’t stay monotonous, do something exciting.

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