Watch out, ANTs are on the Prowl. Stop them and crush them.

Some times, ants invade our space uninvited and they crawl unhindered. I don’t like them, I always crush them at first sight. They have a way of creeping and sneaking around and they can be so irritating when they make it to your skin.
I am sure you loath Ants as much as I do? 

Well,I am not writing or discussing about the etymology of household ants (at least not today) but on a more serious ANT. I am talking about Automatic Negative Thoughts otherwise known as ANTs. 

Automatic Negative Thoughts are those thoughts that come to us randomly and automatically. So termed automatic because they come at reflex rather than as free will thinking. Those thoughts that pop up in our head unsolicited, they sneak on us within whiskers. They come persistent and can create spiral web of negative thoughts and feelings. ANTS should be avoided and discarded as often as possible.

Everyone thinks. Thoughts are unconscious activities we all engage in. The kind of thoughts we indulge in, is what makes all the difference. We can easily slide into negative thought if not checked. Anyone who is less engaged, less productive or pessimistic about life and life’s event is an easy prey to thinking negatively and can slide into sad mode. Confusion, Boredom and Frustration (CBF) have been shown as breeding grounds for automatic negative thoughts just like sugar or sweetened food is for household ants.

So, you want to be careful of the next thought that comes prowling, you have to beware and become mindful of the kind of thought you let in! There is need to indulge in positive activities, there is need to engage your thought positively.

So, Learn to identify your thoughts when they come so that ANTs don’t come crawling on you. Learn to put your thought on trial, check the veracity and crush the negative ones at the get-go. Lets start by changing our thoughts pattern and turn those negative thoughts into positive affirmation and happy moment. 

Cheers to your happy thoughts and moment ahead. Cheers to an ANT free moment.

Keep thinking but just positive thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Watch out, ANTs are on the Prowl. Stop them and crush them.”

  1. Thank you for this insightful message.
    ANTS should be avoided and discarded as soon as possible-we should always bring negative thoughts under the authority of Gods word.
    Taking out time to meditate on God’s promises is one way to negate effects of ANTS. Additionally keeping our minds engaged in positive things including reading and listening to inspirational talks helps displace negative thoughts.
    What you feed, feeds you!

  2. Amy Aimiomwanmon

    Excellent point to reflect on for the week. I can squash the ANTS by prayer, reading the word and remaining active

  3. Yeah!
    I completely, completely agree that everyone is prone to this ANTS but like you rightly said (and it has been working for me), we have the power to control/crush these ANTS and focus my mind on what I want/desire
    God bless you greatly!
    You are simply lovable, just speaking it out!

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